New York Fantasy Babes, your full-service single source for escorts in the greater New York area, is a business built on integrity, honesty, and brilliant client service above all else. We don’t just want you to use our service; we want you to enjoy your experience with us so much that you come back again and again. Our goal is to forge a repeat business relationship with everyone who comes to us seeking female companionship. To do that, we work hard to attain the twin goals of client satisfaction and a continuous process of improvement for our procedures and methods. Our girls are not simply beautiful young women. They are professional entertainers, with the training and experience that this implies.

A Total Commitment To Your Privacy and Confidentiality

One of the guarantees we provide our clients is one of absolute commitment to their privacy and confidentiality. We know that you cannot relax and enjoy yourself with one of our New York escorts unless you are completely comfortable in your environment and with the selection of escort you have made. If you are concerned about your privacy, you cannot truly enjoy yourself, because this stress and anxiety affect the quality of your outing. This is why we work so hard to protect you. We safeguard all your information, including the contact information you use to get in touch with us in the first place. From those first moments, we are working to protect your confidentiality so as to make it possible for you to truly enjoy the experience of going out with your New York escort.

Except for that material needed to facilitate billing, we do not keep records on our clients. We do not amass personal data on you. We do not create database information that can be exploited. As a result, you never have to worry about your personal information being compromised by an outside hacker or identity thief. There is no third party breach possible when information isn’t amassed in the first place… which means you never have to worry that using our service exposes you to any kind of data liability. We do not discuss our clients with any third party. We will never tell anyone outside the company that you used our service, and we will never discuss your time with us with anyone who asks. Your employer, your family, your friends… none of these people will ever know you used our service or that you went out with a New York escort. This is true even if you take your New York escort to a business function or a family event. Our classy, sexy ladies will appear, to anyone who sees you with them, to be just top-shelf beautiful women… which means you’ll be seen as the kind of stud who regularly gets the attention of women like this. It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

Our commitment to your privacy, however, goes beyond just taking precautions with your data, or being careful not to discuss your time with us with any outside party. Another way that we protect your privacy is to train all our New York escorts to do just that. Our girls know that nothing about you is something they should share with anyone else. Our New York escorts will never discuss the fact that they went out with you, anything about you that is personal, anything about you that is not personal, or… well, anything about you at all. They are all trained for discretion. They know that they are not to discuss their clients, and they have been repeatedly reminded not to do it, even with people close to them. What’s more, we discourage our girls from discussing clients around the office amongst themselves. This enhances the atmosphere of security and privacy and ensures that information does not get out that should not get out. All of our girls know that their ability to maintain professionalism, privacy, and discretion has a direct bearing on their continued employment with us. In other words, if they can’t maintain your privacy and confidentiality, we have no use for them on our staff, and they will be shown the door before they can compromise you in any way. We are very focused on client satisfaction. That means we know how important it is to protect you as an individual, and to protect information about you as a manifestation of yourself.

A Commitment To Your Safety and Security

It is not, however, just your privacy that we protect. Our New York escorts are carefully screened in order to protect your physical safety and from a security standpoint. Our screening extends to multiple levels and layers of the health and welfare of our girls. From their physical health to their mental health, we subject them to a variety of pre screening barriers to make sure they have the appropriate temperament to do the job. It takes a very special kind of girl to be a great New York escort. Not everyone can do it, and even some of the women you might at first glance think would be great for the job aren’t actually well suited to it. This is because so much is demanded of our girls. They must not only be beautiful, sexy, sophisticated, classy, desirable, and friendly, but they must also have the ability to take charge and put a date back on track if it goes off the rails. They know that they are responsibility for the success or failure of the outing, so they have to have a certain amount of leadership ability. Most of all, though, our girls are screened for personality, to make sure that they are compatible with our clients and that they know how to treat men with respect and friendliness.

Our New York escorts must be approachable. They must be engaging. They must be warm and open. They must treat you as they would want to be treated on a date, which is to say, they must truly enjoy themselves when they are out with you. We do not want accomplished actors who are just faking their way through an escort booking. We want fun-loving party girls who can carry themselves with a professional demeanor when this is called for, but who can also party the night away with a client, showing him the best of the city and of its night life while also being friendly, fun, exciting, and personable. There is no place among the ranks of our New York escorts for girls who do not have a sense of humor, who do not know how to have fun, who do not know how to be approachable, or who cannot let their hair down and be casual when the moment demands it. Our girls must be social chameleons, in fact, adapting to whatever the client desires and to whatever scenario the client has hired them to attend with him.

Our New York escorts are further screened for physical stamina. This is a very demanding job and most girls don’t realize that when they first decide to take on the job. We are happy to help them ease into it, but the fact is, each and every one of our New York escorts has to be able to keep up with the demands of the job, which are considerable. It’s the party lifestyle, you see: The very thing that makes our New York escorts so incredibly inviting and sexy is the thing that makes their jobs more difficult, and that is that their whole profession is having fun.

Now, you might wonder how it is that someone can be having fun all the time and this is a bad thing. Well, the fact is, not a lot of women could bear up under that kind of pressure. Imagine the last time you went out partying each and every night for any length of time. Most people are worn out with partying after only a few days. But now picture partying every day of the week, all day, and then all night. That suddenly becomes a very tiring proposition. When it’s just your hobby or perhaps something you are doing while on vacation, it doesn’t seem like any big deal. You know that eventually you’ll be able to cool down, wind down, and generally recover from all the hard partying you’ve been doing. But this is not true for our New York escorts. New York escorts must be able to perform day or night, rain or shine, throughout the week, for weeks at a time that stretch into months. Could you keep up that kind of grueling party schedule? We imagine most people would find it challenging. Our superb New York escorts accept that challenge and actually find ways to make it fun. In other words, their jobs are partying, and they love their jobs.

The hand-picked, screened, and vetted New York escorts who remain on our staff are therefore the best of the best. They are the girls who can put in that kind of time, smile, and ask for more. They are the girls who can relish every moment that they spend partying and then somehow find time to do more of the same in their personal lives when they are off work. For a girl who can keep up with the escort lifestyle, working for New York Fantasy Babes as a New York escort is one way to achieve a dream many of us have: To make their profession going out and having fun with a different guy every night and several times a day. It’s grueling, yes, and it demands a lot of the individual girl, but it affords them a very large amount of free time and lets them earn money doing what they would already be doing for fun. We like to think of this as the monetization of happiness. We are happy to fulfill the needs and desires of our clients by hooking them up with the incredible and talented women we have on staff.

Talent is another big component of what we do, and we definitely go out of our way to cultivate it among our staff. Those girls with true talent are the ones who stay on with us longest. They become our most popular escorts and they come to regard our service as something that is almost paternal to them. We look out for them, we book their schedules, we coordinate their efforts, and we make sure they are satisfying our clients. The result is a kind of professional symbiosis that makes New York Fantasy Babes a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hiring escorts in the New York area.

What Sort of Man Uses Our Service?

Now, you may be wondering what a profile of our typical client might be like. You wonder if you belong here. You are debating whether to hire a New York escort for the first time. We can tell you with complete confidence that the sort of man who uses our service is… you. Our clients form a complete cross section of both those who live in the greater New York area and those who are merely visiting for business or for pleasure. You don’t have to be local to us to use our service; you simply have to contact us before you get here or when you are in town, let us know when you would like to book your New York escort and how long you need to book her for, and then we can begin the conversation about where and when you’ll meet your New York escort for your fun time together. If you are a local, we would love to see you come visit us again and again. We will happily show you that becoming our repeat client is something that can serve you well. The fact that you live in the area means you never have to wait to sample the time and company of a gorgeous New York escort.

If you come through town regularly on business, that is another great reason to establish a business relationship with us. We know how busy and lonely a life of business travel can be. We also understand that there may be times when you are either expected to show up at a social function or a business function with a date in tow, or you want female companionship to make a business or social gathering more fun for you (or to impress the people who will be there). We are more than happy to help you with requests like these. We are all about making you happy and serving you. And speaking of requests, we understand that every man has certain preferences. You may like a particularly body style. You may like a specific skin color. You may have features you like to be a certain way. There may be a type of clothing you find very provocative. No matter what your special request, relay it to us. The sooner we know what you are looking for, the better able we will be to cope with your request and see to it that you get what you want and need. We cannot promise that we will be able to fulfill every special request, but we will certainly make a good faith effort to do so, and if we can’t address it to your satisfaction, we will work with you to make alternative arrangements.

A Business Dedicated To You… And To Men’s Liberation From Old-Fashioned Notions

The word’s “good ol’ boys club” probably aren’t what comes to your mind most readily when you think of New York escorts in general or of New York Fantasy babes specifically. But in a way, our service is a throwback to the days when the words “gentlemen’s club” meant something. That’s because we believe in something that is becoming an increasingly old-fashioned and out of date notion these days, and that is that men’s pleasure and happiness is important… and something that deserves to be respected and catered to. Our media today are saturated with messages and imagery that teach you that men are always wrong, always bad, always the aggressors, and always the initiators of romantic notions. When they’re not bending over backwards to buy expensive diamonds for their girls (who do nothing to earn them), they are being informed by their snotty children just how stupid they are compared to their wives and girlfriends. This is a hostile environment, an environment so hostile to men that the fact that men enjoy looking at women and that men like attractive girls is somehow seen as a sin, a crime, and as something that oppresses or mistreats women.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Our beautiful, sexy, attractive, and fun-loving New York escorts don’t feel oppressed when you take them out on the town and buy them a great dinner before going to a show or sampling drinks at a nightclub. They don’t feel like it’s “misogyny” that they are able to make a living based on how attractive and fun they are. They don’t find it particularly “oppressive” that you want to have fun with someone who also enjoys having fun, and that you are willing to pay simply for the pleasure of their company. No, our girls appreciate the fact that when you are willing to pay to book their time, that makes them just about the most special people on the planet. Think about that for a minute: You have plenty of friends and family. Among those people, how many of them would you actually pay for the pleasure of their company? Our business is built on the idea that men want to spend time in the company of lovely women. They don’t just want to, they need to. But at every turn, our society not only conspires to teach men that they are bad for wanting this and even fantasizing about it, but also conspires to stop them from achieving that dream unless they are among the lucky few who can do so without assistance.

In other words, rich and attractive men can get sexy, top-shelf women anytime they want. They do so by having the qualities that attractive non-professional women desire in a man. That is to say, non-professional women are generally greedy gold-diggers who are always looking for someone who can provide for them and do things for them. This is human nature and specifically female human nature. If you are the sort of man who is naturally very attractive, or who has a lot of money, or even better, who has both, you never have to worry about finding female companionship because attractive women are constantly throwing themselves at you in the hopes of getting a piece of what you offer them (or what they perceive that you offer them, which may not always be the same thing).

For all the other guys in the world, things are a little more challenging. Most men have something to offer even a very attractive women, but most men never have the chance to demonstrate this because attractive, non-professional women are programmed by society to ignore these men they consider (wrongly) to be inferior. If a man wants to have the company of a lovely young woman, therefore, and he does not naturally attract these types of women, he has no recourse… unless he thinks to hire New York escorts. Unlike in the traditional dating game, a man who can afford the very reasonable booking fee can enjoy the company of a New York escort any time that he wants. That puts him the company of sexy women, top tier women who make other men jealous and who fire every man’s imagination. Unlike when dealing with “normal” or “non-professional” women, there is no discrimination. As long as you are a respectful client who treats our New York escorts well, they will treat you better than you have ever been treated by a beautiful woman.

The result is that our service challenges traditional ideas about what is “correct” and “incorrect” about the dating game. We are definitely politically incorrect in that we don’t believe the average man deserves to be pushed around and mistreated for his whole life. Men deserve to have their needs put first. They deserve to able to enjoy themselves when dating in an environment that is free of stress and pressure. The traditional way of doing things, of running the dating game, puts an amazing amount of stress and pressure on a man, so much so that he cannot truly enjoy what he is doing. Elsewhere on our site we ask a question: When was the last time you enjoyed dating? We meant this question sincerely. The way the dating game is rigged against you right now robs it of all enjoyment. You have to spend more time trying to secure another date with the woman in question than you do actually enjoying yourself. You have to watch yourself every minute to make sure you do not make a mistake. You have to worry about factors beyond your control. This does not make for an enjoyable time out. It actually turns the dating experience miserable and places the blame squarely on your shoulders.

New York Fantasy Babes is dedicated to the proposition of putting the power of romantic time back in your hands. You want to be close to pretty, fun, exciting, stimulating women. Well, we happen to know some gorgeous ladies who would be more than happy to spend quality time with you. They love to have fun. They love to go out and explore. They also are happy to get to know you, and something they really enjoy is getting to know their clients for the first time. Our girls are definitely people-people. They adore being close to you, being social with you, and introducing you to the unique lifestyle that they lead. It doesn’t matter if you want to party until dawn or you’d rather just sit in a hot tub with a hot, half-naked girl. Our New York escorts are wired for fun and geared toward adventure. The best part is, if you want to be with one of them, whether it’s for a few hours or for a weekend, you can have that when you contact us.

The Fantasy That Every Man Has

Another aspect of the gentlemen’s club atmosphere we like to foster is that you can easily book more than one girl at the same time when you work with New York Fantasy Babes. All men have dreamed, at one time or another, of being seen with multiple attractive women. The greatest Internet playboys regularly take picture for their social media accounts showing them surrounded by bikini-clad babes or dripping in lingerie-wearing hotties. Every man fantasizes about being the sort of male who is not only desirable and powerful, but so desirable and powerful that he’s got more than one woman in his company. There’s no doubt, too, that being seen with multiple beautiful women at the same time absolutely turns heads. As impressed as your family, friends, or coworkers will be to see you turn up at a social function or a business function with a single incredibly gorgeous New York escort on your arm, they’ll be absolutely blown away when they see you with two.

Booking two of our New York escorts at the same time has an amplifying effect on the already impressive results produced by booking one of our girls one on one. But something you should also consider is how pleasurable it is to book more than one girl at the same time. Almost every man has wondered what it might be like to have two women lavish attention on him. Well, when you work with us, you can finally see what that is like. New York Fantasy Babes brings you fulfillment of your fantasies. Every man has them, and when you book with us, you can finally live them out.

We are very aware that for many of our clients, booking with us represents the fulfillment of dreams they may have had for years that they never before tried to bring to fruition. We don’t take this lightly. Our girls know that whenever a new client comes to them for the first time, that client is hoping to finally experience the attention and time of one of the most beautiful women he is likely to encounter in real life. When you are charged with fulfilling someone’s long-delayed dreams, it is a tremendous responsibility. Our sexy New York escorts will rise to the challenge each and every time. Stop denying yourself something you have always wanted. Whatever your fantasy, you will forget your own name when you breathe in the perfume of one of our stunning New York escorts. Give our girls a chance to blow your mind. Let our girls take you to a place you have never visited before… even without leaving your hotel. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, or your live in the greater New York area, give us the opportunity to fulfill your fantasies.

We will always take you seriously. We will never judge you. We believe your desires, your fantasies, and your dreams are your right and your property. All men are entitled to them… and all men are deserving of our respect. Our devotion to total client care is an expression of our respect for you. Let us and our professional vetted and screened stable of superb New York escorts show you a new way to enjoy female companionship. Never again wait for somebody else to say yes or to make a move. Take what you want, on your terms, when you take control of your romantic life. Contact New York Fantasy Babes right now and we will show you the time of your life.