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We’re not a dating service per se. We sell the time of our lovely New York escorts. When you book with us, you’re booking the time of the sexy lady of your choice. She’ll be happy to spend social time with you, go places with you, make you look good, get to know you, and have conversations with you. We couldn’t put you much closer to your goals of female companionship if we tried… but there’s still some effort required on your part if you want to truly make a connection. We suggest you book one of our young women and then see where the time you spend together takes you. It certainly doesn’t get much better than that. We are also a much better alternative than some of the other options you may have considered. Among these are Internet dating, which many people think is a good alternative to trying to date the old-fashioned way. The problem is that Internet dating is really just the same old-fashioned dating method with an updated method of meeting people tacked on. It isn’t actually much of an improvement and, in many ways, it might even be seen as a step backward.

New York Escorts Are More Than Superior To Internet Dating

So, let’s say you’ve decided to consider Internet dating over the option of booking the time of a beautiful, professional, sexy New York escort. Well, the first thing you’re going to have to do is choose a website. Right there, you’ll have a problem. There are plenty of Internet dating websites out there, but you have no guarantee that any one of them is reputable or that it is run according to how its ownership claims it is run. For an example of how that can go horribly wrong, you need look no farther than a famous “affair” website that recently found itself in the news. It was a pretty big deal, too. By the time the news was done unfolding, several famous people had been caught up in the scandal, and at least two people who were outed as users of the site took their own lives rather than face the shame of what had occurred.

It’s much simpler and much better to book the time of a New York escort, but let’s say for argument that you still think Internet dating is a good idea. Well, in the case of the affair site in question, many thousands of men signed up. The site had millions of members, in fact. It was based outside this country, but not too far away, and its ads were very famous. The site styled itself based on a couple of claims. One, it said you would be able to find someone to have a hot, steamy, no-strings-attached affair with, and two, it claimed to protect its users privacy by charging a premium for a special secure delete feature that was supposed to erase all evidence of the user having been on the site if he or she decided to close his account. That “he or she” is going to be pretty important in a minute, but we’ll come to that.

Something horrible happened to the site when a group of hackers managed to hack into the website and seize control of the company’s customer data. The brazen hackers first tried to blackmail the affair sites owners, saying that if the site didn’t engage in certain actions that the hackers wanted, the data would be released. When the site refused to comply with the blackmail, ten gigabytes of data were dumped onto the Internet. It was not just names and emails of the site users, but also included financial information. The immediate danger of the release of such information to the Internet was that, of course, it could be used for identity theft and commercial fraud. But that wasn’t the most horrible part. Remember, this was an affair site. It was a site whose users expected, and needed, a fairly high degree of privacy protection. But they didn’t get that. In fact, arguably, they didn’t get the protection they were paying for, because the premium delete service apparently didn’t work right or wasn’t even being tried.

The worst part of the identity dump online, though, was that lots of people who never wanted their spouses to find out they were on an Internet dating site suddenly had to deal with confronting their significant others. This was pretty awful for a lot of people, not the least of which the people who committed suicide over it. This is one of the reasons you should reconsider carefully choosing an Internet dating site over booking a professional, discreet New York escort. If you book our service, no one will ever know you hired one of our New York escorts, but if you sign up for an Internet dating site, that information will be floating around the Internet forever and may just come out when you least expect it.

Another disturbing aspect of the data dump was just how much money the men on the affair site were willing to pay for the hope of meeting hot women who were supposed to be willing to have affairs with them. When you book a New York escort, there are no hidden costs. You book the time you need for your lovely young lady and you pay any expenses associated with going out with her, but these are all predictable and within your control. There are no big surprises, no hidden costs, and nothing to worry about. The folks on this particular affair site, by contrast, were getting banged for thousands of dollars over years in membership fees. This was a high-dollar premium site, remember. It was far from free, and the premium services its customers were paying for apparently weren’t being attended to properly.

By far the most disturbing aspect of the affair site story paints a dim picture of what it is like to engage in Internet dating. It came out that on this particular affair website, there were almost no female members at all. The few female members who had signed up for the site were either staffers of the website, or fake accounts not tied to actual people at all. Worse, the site engaged in a kind of simulation of female contact by employing algorithms that would flirt and chat with the male members. Apparently it was not possible to tell these chat windows apart from actual people, and it fooled a lot of the men to keep paying for expensive premium memberships by making them think there were, in fact, female members participating on the site. A New York escort is a real, flesh and blood woman who can go out with you and enjoy your company. These, by contrast, were just computer programs, completely useless, designed only to separate men from their money in the cruelest of ways.

But even if you do find a reputable Internet dating website, there are still a lot of hurdles between you and actually fulfilling the goal of female companionship. Whereas you can contact us and simply book the time of a sexy New York escort, you are a long way in Internet dating from that last step of being in the presence of a lovely lady. No, when you are engaged in Internet dating, you have to slog through all of the obstacles that the nature of Internet dating erects in your path. For example, you’ve first got to pay. It’s not free, and while it doesn’t seem like a lot for a month’s membership, that cost adds up to serious money over time. Have you ever wondered how paid dating sites stay in business? After all, if they worked as they say they do, they’d put themselves out of business, because if they actually helped people find connections with other people, those people would then not need to keep paying the site because they would have found someone. Yet these Internet dating sites are big business. They aren’t in the business to find you a compatible girlfriend. They’re in the business to make money, and they’ll keep milking it from you in any way that they can.

The sites use a number of tricks to keep you paying, from giving you discounts for auto-renewing annual memberships (which are easy to forget about until your card gets banged for another hundred or two hundred bucks next year) to restricting whether you can access your messages, or contact all members who are not also premium members, unless you’ve paid considerable monthly premium fees. Some of these sites regularly generate fake emails that tell you that you have messages waiting so you’ll be curious to see if a woman is contacting you. Then, when you have paid for the membership access to the messages, you discover to your chagrin that they are nothing but spam generated by the site itself.

Once you have paid up your membership, you’ve got to slog through the listings in the dating site. This is pretty depressing all by itself. An Internet dating site is not where professional models or entertainers go to find male companionship, after all. If a woman signs up for an Internet dating site, there’s a good reason for why she can’t seem to find a man to date in person. Most of these women are either very unattractive, incredibly slutty, or just crazy. A lot of them qualify as “damaged goods.” Very little is more depressing than scrolling through your list of dating site recommendations to see homely pig after homely pig. It is a wonder that this alone does not put more people off Internet dating, because it’s hard to see that any good could come of this business.

If you do pick out some homely women to message on the site, because you’ve decided to lower your standards, you have another problem. (We’ll forget for the moment that what you should be doing is booking a sexy New York escort, rather than settling for unattractive amateurs who don’t know how to treat you right.) Your problem is now that Internet dating sites have a very skewed male to female ratio. That means there are a lot more men than there are women on the site (remember the affair site, which had almost no women at all). Somehow, your messages and your flirtations have to stand out in a crowd of many other men who are also sending messages and trying to flirt with these women. There is a very good chance, no matter how much time you put into writing and crafting the perfect profile page and photo collections, that you’ll be ignored simply because there are too many other messages competing for the woman’s time. A reasonably attractive woman will be drowning in messages on an Internet dating site. That means that most of the time, when you send messages on these sites, you won’t even get a refusal. You won’t get anything. You’ll just be ignored, and in our experience, most men hate being ignored even more than they hate being in a bad relationship.

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you do finally manage to get the attention of a woman on an Internet dating site. Will she be the kind of person you want to spend time with? Chances are you will never get to find out. That’s because you will most likely strike up any number of small talk conversations with those few women who do respond to your messages. Those conversations will go back and forth for a while. In theory, you are attempting to get to know this person, and see if you can take the relationship farther. But only once in every several of these exchanges will the person you are talking to be at all interested in meeting you out on the town. And if the two of you do meet for a date in person, she may not be at all as she has presented herself. Some women are nice enough when you trade messages with them, but they become complete nightmares when you actually encounter them in person. And of course there is always the dreaded “camera angle,” which is employed by some women to hide the fact that they are not attractive. They will seem attractive enough in their heavily stylized photographs, but once you meet them in person, they are hideous disappointments.

Does any of that sound like a firm or secure foundation for building a meaningful connection with somebody? If it’s easier than ever to meet your soulmate through an Internet dating site, why are the divorce rates as high as they are? Why do you only rarely hear of success stories involving Internet dating outside of the commercials for these websites? The simplest answer is typically the correct answer: Internet dating simply doesn’t work. It is far inferior to dating New York escorts. Like the traditional dating process, Internet dating requires way too much money and time up front before you have even met a woman worth talking to. And it requires huge investments of time and energy in trying to talk to women on the site before you even get to the possibility of a date, much less the guarantee of one. And on top of all of that, even if all that time and money finally results in what you are looking for, and you find yourself on a date with someone you met on the Internet, there is a very good chance that this person was not easy to get to know online and you do not have a full grasp of what their personality is like. That formula is a disastrous first date in the making that will definitely not result in a second date.

There will be times you don’t even want a second date. That will occur when the date is so bad that you just want out. But the problem with just wanting out is that you have to stop and ask yourself where that leaves you. It relegates you to failure. It leaves you right where you started. You still lack just as much female companionship as you lacked before, but now you have lost the many hours of time invested, the money invested, and the effort invested. Money can always be earned to replace what was used up, but you can never get your time back. You can never be made whole with respect to the effort you have wasted. Even if you went on several dates, you have nothing to show for it except bills and lost time. The woman involved can at least say she got to go to free entertainment and eat free meals, or whatever else it was that the two of you did. Traditional dating and Internet dating alike are rigged against a man’s interests. They are setup to deprive him of his money while leaving him holding the bag if anything goes wrong.

New York escorts, by contrast, will always show you a good time. You save all of the hours of effort and all of the associated expense that you would have wasted in Internet dating or even traditional dating when you contact us and book one of our girls. Just like that, you have a beautiful woman who is willing to focus on you and share her time with you. You’ve achieved what you have wanted and what you have otherwise worked weeks to do… and you’ve done it, by comparison, in mere moments. Book your New York escort experience today. See what you’ve been missing. Let us show you how great things can be with one of our girls. You’ve endured all the other ways of trying to find female companionship. Now try the best; try New York escorts. New York escorts won’t let you down. They’ll give you a great time each and every outing, and you will be so satisfied that you won’t be able to help but come back for more. That’s what we’re looking to accomplish. Let us spoil conventional dating for you. Let us give fulfill your fantasies. Let us hook you up with a New York escort.

Increase Your Confidence and Be A More Valuable Man

Another aspect of dating New York escorts that you may not have considered is the wonders this works for your confidence. It is a fact that women prize confidence in men. Confidence is seen as a way of projecting strength. It says that a man is self-assured and in control of himself. It says that he is the sort of man of power and strength that, on a genetic level, a woman could trust to protect her when she is vulnerable. It is these age-old genetic traits that define the differences between male and female preferences in the other sex, in fact. Women are scientifically proven to choose men based on whether those men can provide. A man who projects strength and power is a man who has money and resources. He is a man who can be expected to provide. To an amateur woman, who thinks of little except how someone else can take care of her and do things for her in exchange for reluctant access to her holiest of holies, this is the ideal arrangement. This is why rich men, even unattractive rich men, never want for female companionship. A man is, to a woman, only as handsome as the contents of his wallet, and a full wallet can be a powerful aphrodisiac indeed.

How does a man become confident around beautiful women? How does he project his strength and confidence that they admire? The simplest answer is through practice. A man who wants to be seen as slick and confident just has to appear to be slick and confident. It is a self-fulfilling and self-reinforcing prophecy. But what if you are the sort of man who gets all tongue-tied around attractive women? This is not your fault. It is scientifically proven that men have trouble concentrating around very attractive ladies. This is also a part of our genetics. We said that women select men based on the resources those men have, or on the potential for resources those men have. This makes most women sound like greedy gold-diggers, but it is a biological reality. A woman will always choose a very wealthy man over a poor but attractive man, provided the wealthy man isn’t absolutely hideous or obnoxious. Every woman has her price, yes, but there are limits to what even a full wallet can accomplish. But what of men? How do men select potential partners?

As it turns out, again scientifically, men choose their partners based on…. attractiveness. Seriously, that’s it. It’s why men of all ages find women in one age range, eighteen to thirty, to be sexually attractive no matter how old the man gets. Men don’t care if a woman is stupid. They don’t care if she is poor. Sometimes they don’t even care if she is crazy, as long as they get a chance to tap that booty at least once. Genetically, men select their partners based on physical appearance. Now, on its surface, this may sound cruel. Does this mean that unattractive women don’t have a chance? Not at all. Because while every man wants a hot girl, he’ll settle for a less attractive girl who’s also willing to touch his junk. Men are practical creatures with practical desires. They want to get some action and they find a wide variety of women suitable for that task.

The good news for women, though, is that they can be who they are and it has no bearing on whether they will be considered a suitable partner. All you have to do is not be hideously ugly and chances are good you can find someone willing to be with you… if you are a woman. Men have no such advantage. Men must be capable of providing for a woman if they are not naturally attractive. If they cannot give women something useful, they will be deemed unworthy of feminine companionship… and that is the cruelest societal double standard of all.

You see, a woman who complains that she wants to be with a man, that she is lonely, that she wants intimacy and connection with the opposite sex, will be pitied and supported. There are entire “chick flick” movies devoted to this premise. Men, by contrast, are either worthy of female attention or they are not. A man who is not attractive enough, based on some unrealistic standard, or who is too short, or too fat, or too bald, or simply too poor, has no choice but to resign himself to the fact that no woman wants him. He must not only walk through life alone and lonely, but he must also endure the insults of people who constantly remind him that he is alone, and the reason he is alone is that he is pathetic. If this were done to a woman it would be seen as unutterably cruel. Because it is done to men regularly, nobody cares. Men who cannot get women are losers who do not deserve women. They deserve to live out their lives alone, lonely, unloved, and untouched. It’s their fault, they are told, for not having better qualities, for not being “good enough.” Is it any wonder, then, that men in droves are choosing to give up on the idea of female companionship entirely? There are entire social movements, such as the “grass eaters” in Japan and the “men going their own way” movement in other parts of the Western world, devoted to men giving up on being with women.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for being alone. You don’t have to give up on the idea of female companionship. You don’t even have to resign yourself to doing worse than you want to do, to accepting someone who perhaps is not all that attractive. That’s because you can contact us today and book the time of one of the most incredibly stunning women you have ever seen. In the time it takes for us to make the arrangements, you could find yourself in the company of a gorgeous professional entertainer who looks great in a tight dress and who is looking at you from across the table at dinner. She graces you with her smile. She makes eye contact. She is not distracted by her phone or anyone else around. She has eyes only for you, and she is devoted to you completely for the duration of your booking. Nothing makes a man feel more special than when a woman gives him this kind of attention. And nothing makes a man look better than when he is out on the town with a girl that devastatingly beautiful. Every head that turns toward him and his New York escort is one whose owner will soon be wondering, “What does that man have that I don’t?”

The powerful effect of being seen with our girls not only helps you become more confident by giving you practice, but it gives you proximity to beauty. The more time you spend with someone who is attractive, the more people will come to expect that of you. You will also find it more commonplace, and as a result you will more readily strike up conversations with attractive women. You will be more confident when you do so. In other words, the very thing that makes it easier for you to talk to attractive women (because you practiced doing so) becomes the thing that makes it easier for you to attempt the method in the first place.

Leave your inhibitions and expectations at the door. Come to terms with what it takes to be the sort of man women desire and men envy. Book your New York escort experience now. Don’t be afraid to fulfill your fantasies. Book as many hours and as many different girls as is convenient and affordable for you. We are standing by to welcome you to the ranks of our clients. We want to serve you. We want to be worthy of you. We want to prove to you that we have what it takes. Contact us today.