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So, let’s say you’ve decided to consider Internet dating over the option of booking the time of a beautiful, professional, sexy New York escort. Well, the first thing you’re going to have to do is choose a website. Right there, you’ll have a problem. There are plenty of Internet dating websites out there, but you have no guarantee that any one of them is reputable or that it is run according to how its ownership claims it is run. For an example of how that can go horribly wrong, you need look no farther than a famous “affair” website that recently found itself in the news. It was a pretty big deal, too. By the time the news was done unfolding, several famous people had been caught up in the scandal, and at least two people who were outed as users of the site took their own lives rather than face the shame of what had occurred.

It’s much simpler and much better to book the time of a New York escort, but let’s say for argument that you still think Internet dating is a good idea. Well, in the case of the affair site in question, many thousands of men signed up. The site had millions of members, in fact. It was based outside this country, but not too far away, and its ads were very famous. The site styled itself based on a couple of claims. One, it said you would be able to find someone to have a hot, steamy, no-strings-attached affair with, and two, it claimed to protect its users privacy by charging a premium for a special secure delete feature that was supposed to erase all evidence of the user having been on the site if he or she decided to close his account. That “he or she” is going to be pretty important in a minute, but we’ll come to that.

Something horrible happened to the site when a group of hackers managed to hack into the website and seize control of the company’s customer data. The brazen hackers first tried to blackmail the affair sites owners, saying that if the site didn’t engage in certain actions that the hackers wanted, the data would be released. When the site refused to comply with the blackmail, ten gigabytes of data were dumped onto the Internet. It was not just names and emails of the site users, but also included financial information. The immediate danger of the release of such information to the Internet was that, of course, it could be used for identity theft and commercial fraud. But that wasn’t the most horrible part. Remember, this was an affair site. It was a site whose users expected, and needed, a fairly high degree of privacy protection. But they didn’t get that. In fact, arguably, they didn’t get the protection they were paying for, because the premium delete service apparently didn’t work right or wasn’t even being tried.

The worst part of the identity dump online, though, was that lots of people who never wanted their spouses to find out they were on an Internet dating site suddenly had to deal with confronting their significant others. This was pretty awful for a lot of people, not the least of which the people who committed suicide over it. This is one of the reasons you should reconsider carefully choosing an Internet dating site over booking a professional, discreet New York escort. If you book our service, no one will ever know you hired one of our New York escorts, but if you sign up for an Internet dating site, that information will be floating around the Internet forever and may just come out when you least expect it.