Smoking hot Berry enjoys puzzles, especially crossword puzzles. She keeps a journal of all her romantic adventures, but is careful not to include any names. She loves to cook for her man to show him she cares.

Berry is the kind of girl who likes to show her man that she is into him, and one of the ways she does this is by cooking for him. “I’m no master chef,” she says, laughing, “but I do love to cook for a man. This works for me on a couple of levels. On the one hand, when you cook for a guy, you show him you have some skills behind you. You’re not just a pretty girl in a tight dress or an outrageous set of lingerie. You’re a pretty girl in a tight dress or an outrageous set of lingerie who can also cook him a meal he enjoys. I think men love being taken care of. They love being doted on. If you can show them you are the kind of skilled young woman who would also give them kindness and take good care of them, they will have more respect for you. You’ll be more than just a hot little plaything. You’ll have crossed over into territory where they start to think of you as someone really special. And I love being thought of as special.”


Age 25
Height 5’7″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Berry goes on, “When I’m cooking for my man, though, it isn’t just about showing him that I have the skills to do that. The whole act of cooking and eating dinner is something that opens intimate doors for us. For him, yes, it’s a chance for him to see that I have skills as a woman, that I have talents, that I’m a worthy person. But for me it’s also about seeing how he reacts to me cooking for him. I like to think I’m pretty objective when it comes to evaluating the things I cook. If I what I made was good, I’m going to see that. I’m going to recognize it. I’m going to be able to look at it honestly and say, ‘This was a good job,’ or, ‘This was not my best.’ That’s important because he’s going to give me feedback too. And the type of feedback he gives me is very important to understanding who he is as a person.”

Berry explains, “If I did a great job, if I cooked a great meal, and he tells me that I cooked a great meal, well then we’re both on the same page. If I cooked a bad meal, though, and he tells me how great it is, I’ll know that he’s the type of guy who thinks I can’t handle an honest evaluation. Now, that might mean he’s just super polite. But it also might mean that he’s telling me what I want to hear. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because a lot of guys interpret telling a woman what she wants to hear as being kind or polite to her, and I’m certainly not going to fault a guy for trying to be nice to me. But if a guy eats my cooking and I did a good job and he’s super critical, that might be the one scenario that would give me pause. You’ve got to be able to give people credit for what they do right. Even if you have constructive criticisms, you’ve got to be able to handle telling people when they’ve accomplished something meaningful. A lot of people are just dying for some positive feedback. You should never deny them that.”

Gratitude, to Berry, is one of the most important emotions, and a touchstone for how she lives her life. “Every day when I wake up, I remind myself to be grateful for what I have,” she says. “I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. I’m grateful for the fact that I have a nice place to live. I’m grateful for the fact that I have a job I love. An I’m grateful that my adventure has taken me to my fellow New York escorts. New York escorts are special people. It’s a very fun club to be part of, if you really want to look at it that way. It’s the kind of life very few of us get to have, and I know, because I dreamed about attaining this level of success long before I actually did it. Although, I’m still a young woman, so it wasn’t that long when you look back. I think it’s easy to look back with hindsight on your life, though. Just like it’s easier to complete a maze on a piece of paper if you do the maze backwards. We always make the right decisions when we’re looking back with full information about something.”

Berry goes on to say, “Being grateful is important because it keeps you humble. You can’t be grateful and arrogant at the same time. The emotions don’t just fit. So I always try to be grateful, and stay humble, and let people know how much I appreciate them. I think when you do that, you set the tone for your life. You define how your interactions with other people are going to go. You also make it very clear what you are willing to accept in terms of how people treat you. They say people will treat you precisely the way you encourage them to treat you. So that’s important, being grateful and humble. I am the type of girl who could easily have become arrogant, with a body and a face like mine. I’ve known pretty girls who just kind of skated through life on their looks. That’s not the sort of person I want to be, and I would never allow myself to fall into that trap. But it takes reminding yourself. You’ve got to constantly reality check yourself every day. Not too many people are eager to do that, I think.”