Provocative Isabella is a bisexual girl who is as wild as they get. She can’t stand to be bored and is always looking for the next thing to keep her entertained. She is a very active young lady who keeps her men guessing and who loves her job as a New York escort.

“The first thing I really have to address is my bisexuality,” she says. “I know there are girls in this business who play at being bisexual. They think it plays better, you know, that fantasy of being with a woman who’ll also want you to be with one of her girlfriends at the same time. I certainly don’t fault any man for having that fantasy. I mean, obviously, I have it myself, or I would reasonably be expected to. Men love the forbidden thrill of women together. They love to picture it. They want to be part of it. And so that fantasy necessarily turns them on and gets their interest. Think about it. What’s hotter: an incredibly sexy, beautiful woman taking off her clothes, or an incredibly sexy, beautiful woman who is taking off another beautiful woman’s clothes? When their lips come together, when they kiss and they touch, it’s incredibly sensual. Women being with women, together, has always been something men enjoy. So I understand where the fantasy comes from, and I understand the fascination with bisexual women.”


Age 23
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Isabella goes on, “I am actually, truly bisexual, but I think most women are. In fact, they’ve done studies that show that women are turned on by pictures of naked women almost as much as by pictures of naked men. In fact, you could argue that there really are no completely straight women. There are just women who like women and men, and women who like women. I like both. I don’t see how you could ever choose to cut yourself off from one or the other. I see my bisexuality as my way of truly being who I want to be, of allowing all the different facets of my personality to have free rein. Can you imagine never being able to fully express half of your desires? Can you imagine trying to repress all of that all of the time? I honestly can’t. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to be that way. I wouldn’t want to. It’s just not how I’m wired, you know?”

Isabella believes that men and women both have great things to offer someone who wants to explore their sensual side. “Oh, if you get me started on this topic, I’m not going to want to stop,” she says. “There are so many things to get into. Let’s start with men. I really do love being with men. They’re the best. They’re sexy, and they’re strong, and they’re masculine. When they just hold you and get close to you, when you can feel the strength of a man throbbing next to your body, that’s a kind of turn on that just never goes away. That’s something truly special. Men are this incredibly dynamic force. They’re what makes the world move. They really do and really are. I love men. I love being with men because they make me feel so appreciated. When a man walks his eyes up and down you, when it’s obvious he’d like to have his mouth on you and be touching you and enjoying you, that hunger, that lust, is something I love to experience. It just makes me feel special and it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.”

Isabella loves the sensuality of other women and likens her experience with women as something she could only dream of before she was willing to indulge her bisexual side. “For a long time, I would look at other attractive women, women as hot as I am, and think how much I wanted to be able to touch them the way I touch men,” she says. “It took me a while to finally get in touch with myself enough to have the courage to do it. But once I did… it opened a door I could never close. It changed my life. I love being able to get close to women. I love being to touch them and love them. When my lips brush against another beautiful woman’s mouth, when I feel her hot breath on my face, then I know I’ve reached a kind of paradise. It’s a paradise of sensual pleasure.”

Isabella admits that yes, she’s had threesomes, and she enjoyed them very much. “Now you picture that paradise of sensual pleasure, what I was just talking about… and you add a man to it. A strong, strapping man, a man who knows how to grab me and please me and be good to me, and you add him to the mix. Then it’s really heaven. My work as a New York escort has enabled me to meet all kinds of interesting people and talk to them and get to know them. That networking is significant when it comes to your romantic life. One can lead to the other sometimes. You just never know. I’m always game to meet new people and see where things are going to go. I am always excited to see where life is going to take me. To me, that’s the ultimate expression of who you are as a person. It’s pleasure and it’s happiness and it’s everything you have ever wanted from the world, you know? I just love getting out there, putting myself out there, and experiencing all that life has to offer me.”

At the end of the day, Isabella says, she just wants to taste life and experience the fun around her. “Are you ready for me?” she asks. “Are you ready for adventure? Can you handle everything I can give you? I think you can… and I think we’re both ready to find out. Don’t wait any longer. Come meet me and we’ll have fun together.”