Sensual Tina likes to do volunteer work in her free time. She stays in shape by cycling, including mountain biking. She also likes to run. When she’s not exercising, she enjoys chilling at home and spending quiet time with her friends. She is a very friendly young woman who always appreciates others’ time.

Running, Tina explains, is one of her favorite activities when it comes to working out her body and staying taut, toned, and in shape. “I love to run,” she says. “I’m always in search of that elusive euphoria, that runner’s high, that comes with running and running until your endorphins catch up with you. It’s the most wonderful natural high in the world… and I think much more addictive than any drug. It is you, using your body, and feeling good not only because you’re using that body, but because you’re honing the machine. Your body is a mechanism that needs to be used, but the more you use it, the better it gets. I adore that sensation. I love that kind of use of my time. If you asked me what I’d rather be doing at any moment, if it’s not spending that time between the sheets, then it’s getting out there and running, putting one foot in front of the other until that natural runner’s high takes me away. There’s no other feeling like it. I love it. I will always love it. That’s the kind of sporty, flirty, fun girl I am.”


Age 21
Height 5’8″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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When it comes to running and her other favorite sport, mountain biking, Tina gets very passionate as well. “When you get out there off the trails, that’s when things get fun,” she says. “When I’m running, I have to be careful. Hikers don’t move fast because they’re moving over potentially dangerous terrain. You turn an ankle, you slip and fall, and you’re done having fun until you heal up. The goal is to keep enjoying yourself, not to hurt yourself so that you can’t enjoy yourself anymore. So I push myself to do more, to be more, but always at a reasonable pace. When I’m out running, I stay to the kinds of tracks that I know are safe, the kinds of running paths that won’t present any problems. But when I go mountain biking, that’s when I’ve got the machine and its big all-terrain tires under me. Then I can get my outdoor freak on and not have to worry when things get a little bumpy. In fact, the bumpier it is, the more I like it, up to a point.”

Tina explains that taking her bike off the beaten path, when she gets upstate to go mountain biking, is one of the joys of her life. “When you’re out there, you have to be totally in the moment,” she says. “You can’t get distracted. You can’t let anything take your mind off what you’re trying to do. So you just kind of immerse yourself in the task at hand. You focus completely. I’ve heard that focusing like that on the moment is Zen, but I don’t know anything about Zen, so maybe I have Zen and maybe I don’t.” She laughs and then adds, “If one of you handsome guys out there wants to take the time to teach me all about what Zen means, well, we can talk about that.”

Tina is quick to point out that she finds all men attractive as long as they have good personalities. “I think every man has something to offer,” she says. “I think of a handsome man as someone who attracts me. That quality, that attraction, could be something external, but it could also be something internal. The more a man has going for him in the personality department, the more he is attractive to me overall. So a lot of men have a shot with me who never think to stop and realize it. I’ve had to drop some pretty serious hints to men who didn’t realize they didn’t have to be in my league, physically, in order to get with me. And of course, with a body like this, looking like I do, there are always going to be those men who don’t approach you because they find you intimidating. Isn’t that ironic? You can be the hottest girl in the bar and you could be sitting alone because there aren’t any men nearby who are willing to risk getting shot down for hunting outside their league.”

Tina is a fun-loving girl who is quick with a smile or a joke. She loves to get to know her clients and to show them new places in the city. She also enjoys spending quiet time with her clients, depending on what they’re looking for in an escort. Tina explains that she appreciates time most of all.

“Our whole lives are time,” she says. “Everything you do, everything you are, takes place according to the tick of a clock. Every moment that passes is a moment you can’t get back. You’ll never get it back. I have a lot of respect, therefore, for the time of everyone around me. I try to be punctual. I try to keep appointments. This has served me really well in my job as a New York escort, of course. You’ve got to be able to show up on time and be where and when you said you would be. But it’s more than that. I am not just into being punctual. I like to show people that I value every minute they spend with me. When you share a minute of your life with someone, that’s a powerful thing. That’s a little piece of their existence. They could have spent it with anyone, but they chose to spend it with you. I think that’s pretty special. So I treat those gifts of someone’s time as the presents they are to me. Ha, presents and presence sound alike, don’t they? Well I guess it doesn’t matter.”